Alien Zoo Immersion Comes Alive at Westfield Century City

Strap on some ankle and wrist gloves, a small backpack and a pair of goggles and suddenly you’re transported into the full body Virtual Reality world of Dreamscape Immersive’s Alien Zoo.

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Billed as “12-minute riveting experience that combines the thrill of an epic theme park attraction with the awe and wonder of a great film,” the quote barely does the experience justice.

Alien Zoo officially debuted its first ever event at a pop up at Westfield Century City on Feb. 7, where it will stay for the next four weeks.

At a sneak press preview, we were immediately transported to an extraordinary feast for the senses; interacting with the creatures of Alien Zoo in a narrative that allows participants to take part in the Intergalactic Wildlife Federation’s preservation of endangered species tour.

The interactive colorful experience, which allows six people to participate at a time, encourages you to play with some of the adorable species – the Murai (aka the frogcat) or fight the Sicari (death stalker) and look the Magodae (The Megaraffe) directly in the eye (because then they know you’re friendly).

The theme of saving the environment is hammered home towards the end of the journey as you look down on planet Earth and then arrive in a backyard where you’re reminded by working together it’s not too late to save the human planet.

Dreamscape Immersive is barely two years old. Based in Culver City, the company was formed by Kevin Wall and Walter Parkes two years ago.

CEO Bruce Vaughn, who spent 20 years working at Disney, came on board a year ago, and worked with the 38-member team over the last eight months to create Dreamscape Immersive’s first experience.

“People are looking for shared experiences outside the home,” Vaughn told Century City-Westwood News following the experience (he also took part in the experience). “We wanted creativity founded on awe, wonder and inspiration.”

He added that while most Virtual Reality experiences are singular and are very much focused on gaming, Dreamscape Immersive is a “group experience that allows you to have a real social experience.” Indeed, you have to work with your five fellow team members during the experience and it does create a sense of bonding.

The plan is for Dreamscape Immersive to eventually find a permanent space and have three or four immersive experiences running simultaneously, Vaughn said.

For now, you can sign up for this unique event at Tickets are $20 per person and you must be at least 10 years old and 4 feet 8 inches tall. Alien Zoo is in town for four weeks only and tickets are selling fast.



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