Tosai Sushi Opens at Westfield Century City

First a low-calorie ice cream shop, now this! Westfield Century City just welcomed Tosai Sushi, an upscale take on “food court” sushi, this week. In addition to the traditional offerings of California Rolls, Tuna Rolls, and other standard fare, Tosai also offers more bespoke options such as Chili Mango sushi and a vegan-friendly veggie roll.

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Per Tosai’s website:

“Tosai is founded by Tonny Soesanto who started first as a restaurateur 30 years ago and eventually became a sushi supplier for markets in the greater Los Angeles Area. Since then, Tonny’s business has grown rapidly throughout the nation to more than thirty states.

Since 1986, our chefs have perfected the art of making sushi. The quality of our sushi begins with the delicate taste of perfectly blended sushi rice. Not too tart or too sweet, combined with the highest attainable quality of fish and you have a time-honored recipe for success.”


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