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4 Powerful Ways to Organize Your Life

Could your life use a strong dose of organizational restructuring? If so, you are not alone. Most working adults feel as if they need occasional help with tasks like refinancing college loans, cleaning up excess computer files, eliminating household clutter, and making weekly schedules. Here are some pointers for controlling your life’s activities and chores.

Refinance College Debt

Refinancing student-related loans is one of the most potent financial tools available to working people who are still making payments on college debt. Fortunately, it’s now possible to completely refinance those obligations into a single, brand-new loan that comes with a fresh set of terms and lower monthly payments. While most know that a refi of old education loans can significantly reduce monthly payments, they sometimes overlook the other advantages of the move. Most who choose to reorganize their financial lives in this way end up not only with smaller payments but also more favorable rates, terms, and repayment options.

Delete Unneeded Computer Files

Don’t forget technology when getting your living space in order. It’s easy to neglect computer files, so many of which are no longer needed and do nothing but take up valuable space on hard drives and memory caches. Begin with the desktop, scanning each file to determine whether to keep or delete it. Move to the documents folders and do the same thing. When in doubt, consider retaining files that have some value or could come in handy in the future. Otherwise, be relentless about trashing files and folders that serve no purpose, particularly ones that contain images and video footage.

Get Rid of Household Clutter

Those who feel stressed about having a cluttered living space can take immediate action to deal with this all-too-common situation. For homeowners and apartment dwellers who work full-time, it’s difficult to deal with all the junk and unneeded stuff that has accumulated over the years. Fortunately, there’s a simple strategy that can help anyone tackle the clutter problem. Don’t try to get rid of everything at once. Instead, spend no more than 20 minutes per day on a room-by-room basis.

Start with the smallest area first, perhaps a spare bedroom or walk-in closet. Toss all the unwanted and unneeded items into boxes labeled sell, give away, put in the trash, and recycle. You’ll be surprised how quickly all the stuff vanishes. Work from small rooms to large ones, ending with either the garage, attic, or basement. Remember to keep receipts for anything you donate to local charities. Likewise, maintain records of income from online and garage sales for tax purposes.

Make a Weekly Schedule

Some of life’s most helpful planning tools fall victim to long-term procrastination; making a weekly schedule is one of them. How can busy adults benefit from creating a simple document that lists a day-by-day, hourly breakdown of events? First, just going through the process of developing a weekly time sheet can be eye opening. As they jot down their routines, job schedules, after-work activities, and household tasks, people gain a fuller understanding of how they spend their time. It’s then much easier to eliminate wasted hours and reorganize life’s routine events, obligations, and celebrations.

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