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City Council Shows Support for WGA Strike

Councilwoman Katy Yaroslavsky Co-introduced the Motion

The City Council unanimously expressed support for the Writers Guild of America’s demands on Friday, deeming them “reasonable,” and called on studios to resume negotiations and bring an end to the ongoing strike, reported.

Councilwoman Katy Yaroslavsky, whose district encompasses the Fox Studio lot, co-introduced the motion with Councilman Soto-Martínez. Yaroslavsky asserted that WGA writers, like any other workers, should be compensated appropriately for their skills and should be treated with dignity in their profession. She urged the studios to acknowledge these principles, return to the negotiation table, and promptly resolve the strike.

The impasse in contract negotiations between the WGA and studios revolves around several key issues, including residual pay, minimum staffing levels, and regulations concerning the utilization of artificial intelligence.

Entering its third month, the strike by the WGA has had a substantial impact on Hollywood’s production, causing significant repercussions throughout the local Los Angeles economy.

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